Appel aux volontaires

SLVYRA was founded in 1946 to promote sailing races from Quebec City to Kingston and Ottawa. Over the years, we have seen many changes on the boats we sail, but one thing that has never changed is the passion of sailors to navigate the water to enjoy good friendships and competition.

SLVYRA plays many roles in supporting races. In particular, we manage the local PHRF handicap list of all member club boats. We also produce a chart of fixed racing brands used in many races, manage and hand out classic trophies, help youth navigate through bursaries and coordinate the club race calendar to ensure the season is well planned. for maximum participation. All of these features are then promoted through our website and social media platforms.

Since 1946, dedicated and dedicated individuals have been willing to lend a hand to the community by serving on the SLYVRA Executive Committee in one of the key roles. Current portfolios include: President, Past President, Membership Coordinator, Treasurer, Handicap, Calendar, Youth, Brands and Buoys, Webmaster, Trophies and Media.

None of these roles are overly burdensome, but, together, provide the necessary services to SLVYRA member clubs (and their members) to enhance our racing experience in our region.

With this in mind, we are calling volunteers who would like to give our association a little time.

The vacancies for the 2020 season are:

  • Media … is replacing Stephanie Boucher, RStLYC
  • Secretary … Vacant
  • Historian … A new position to ensure that the story of SLVYRA is both preserved and memorized.

We hope to have the list of candidates for the following year nominated for December 31st.

If you are interested and want more information about SLVYRA, our mission and how to be part of a great story, please contact

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